Friday, February 10, 2012

Another fun weekend!

The J5/6's had another fun weekend!  The weather cooperated as well, which is nice :)  The J6's raced at Mad River Glen on Sunday in a GS.  MMSC did amazing, check out the results at

The J5's raced a stubby sl at Sugarbush, MMSC also did amazing!  Here are few pics:

Another big highlight was our FAST WEDNESDAY!  It was super-g training on Main St.  What a blast it was!!  We had officer Mchugh out tracking our speeds.  Most all the kids were going between 30-40 mph. We even had Flynn clocked at 44 mph!  Nice job everyone!

We are looking forward to a few fun weekends of good training coming up!  This weekend will be brisk so please dress accordingly.  We will be training GS both days and the J5's will have another ski up day with the J4's on Saturday!
See you soon,