Sunday, December 4, 2011

First weekend of J5/6

We had a great adventurous first weekend.  The weather has been interesting up here on Mt. Mansfield, but we sure made the most of it!  On Saturday we had a great morning of dry land training.  We hiked up to the Slalom Hill start, talked about how amazing our US ski team is doing, did some exercises, and a wicked sweet human slalom on the way back down to the club.  Once we got inside we did some hurdles, wall sits, push-ups, and many leg busters.  We also took the two different groups in the other room and talked about our goals for the season.  We had a wide variety of responses from meeting Ed Hackett to winning the J5/6 Duals.  Some very common ones were getting in the top ten, skiing every trail on the mountain, and making new friends.  Sounds Great!!!

On Sunday we decided to brave the mountain, and it was a pleasant surprise compared to Saturdays conditions.  Although it was still a little bumpy and variable they didn't have the snow guns blasting which made for a more pleasant journey down.  I hope the temperatures stay low enough to make snow and boy it would be super if we could get some more of the natural stuff!   Think snow

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