Tuesday, January 17, 2012

wicked cold weekend

howdy J5/6 blog followers

So our past weekend was quite a chilly one!  We made the most of it though!
On Friday we trained GS on SL hill to get ready for Smuggs race next weekend.   By doing a tuck course up on top and starting the second course at the knoll this really simulates race day.  A few big turns on a steep start then a big delay is their usual set up :)

On Saturday we were blessed with some beautiful, bountiful snow.  14 inches to be exact!  We will take it!!  The skiing was good, but it sure was chilly.  With a nice temp of -23 at the top of the gondola it wasn't for everyone :)  We ended up just free skiing all day...too soft for gates!!

On Sunday it was another brisk one!!  The skiing was again, unreal, and the gondola was a great place to be on that one!!  The highlight of our morning was popping into the woods off cliff trail and seeing a moose.  Jeffery was the first to sight him, and boy was he surprised...both of them were :)  The moose went along his merry way and so did we.  The J5's had their first step up day with the J4's on Main Street and the rest of us had another session of epic GS training on SL hill.

On Monday we had another fabulous morning!  The weather cooperated with us, and we got in a good 2 hour session of GS training on SL hill.  It was a great holiday weekend!


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